Out Of The Mancave

Established 2013, the mancave has been our place to refurbish fitness equipment. Its also a place to repair the neighborhood kids bikes, hang out with friends, repair the car, build stuff for the house, man cave. Don't be deterred, the refurbished fitness equipment ready for sale are located in a separate building all together, so there is no danger of miscellaneous parts and grease laying around. Avoid shaking hands with Ryan though...he's probably greasy. Feel free to come by and check out our machines. Ring the bell for service and you will get to meet Heather, who certainly can get you fixed up. If you're super lucky, our daughter Avarie will be here, she understands the mechanics of these machines better than most techs I have crossed paths with. Feel free to stop by, call, email, or text...


We will be closed Dec. 12-15. Online orders for new machines will still be processed and repair appointments can still be scheduled. Dismiss