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Weider 2980 X Weight System $199 (tax included)


    Outfit Your Home Gym with the Weider Weight System. You don’t need an expensive gym membership to look your best when you add the Weider 2980 X weight system to your workout room. Whether you are looking for a fun, fast and easy way to get back into shape or you want to add a little variety to your current workouts, this home gym includes virtually everything that you need to exercise your body to perfection. The pulley system gives you up to 214 pounds of resistance to make sure your muscles are challenged during workouts. Since the pulley system lets you focus on individual muscles groups, you can spark the biggest growth for the fastest results. In addition, the gym has six integrated workout stations that let you target particular muscle groups. The Weider weight system is a single solution to the problem of home exercise. The gym is engineered with a compact design, so you never need to worry about having enough room. The small size ensures that you can easily tuck the gym into an out-of-the-way corner or an unused bay in your garage. Since the machine includes a wide range of different workout stations, you can be sure to tone all areas of your body. The high and low pulley are perfect for developing bigger and more-defined backs, and the 4-roll leg developer helps you start with a solid foundation.



  • The Weider 2980 X weight system has six integrated workout stations, so you can hit every muscle group
  • Includes: high and low pulley, chest press and fly, 4-roll leg developer and preacher pad
  • With 214 pounds of resistance, you have plenty of weight to challenge yourself and facilitate muscle growth
  • Engineered with a small footprint that is perfect for smaller homes, condos or apartments



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