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NordicTrack A2350 Treadmill


Make your workouts your own with the NordicTrack A2350, featuring a Fitness Age Center, a Custom Workout Center and ifit® Workout Card Technology. Now you can know your true fitness age with the Fitness Age Center, simply plug in your personal information and run the fitness tests and the A2350 does the rest. And, with a Custom Workout Center, you can preset your workouts time, min. speed and max. speed, so that you can better fit your workout into your schedule. Other features include ifit® Workout Card Technology, an iPod™ Dock.  300 lb. weight capacity.

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  • Fitness Age Center – Track your fitness level by calculating your actual fitness age with this built-in fitness calculator.
  • Custom Workout Center – Quickly set your workouts time, min. speed and max. speed for the highest workout customization possible.
  • Interplay™ Universal iPod* Dock – Rock your workout with this built-in, Universal Dock for iPod, which plugs directly into the treadmills console.
  • ifit® Workout Card Technology – ifit® workout cards control the speed and incline of your treadmill, verbally prompt you and come in a variety of result-specific categories.
  • 20 x 55 Running Treadbelt – Take long, natural strides with this expanded treadbelt thats perfect for walking, jogging or running.
  • 5 ifit® Weight Loss Workouts – Customize your calorie burn with 5 weight-loss workouts that can be quickly adjusted for personalized results.
  • 5 ifit® Classic Workouts – These workouts automatically adjust the incline and speed of your treadmill, while focusing on an aerobic, weight-loss or performance goal.
  • DurX™ 2.25 HP Commercial Motor – Experience expanded power with this commercial, self-cooling motor that offers more power and runs longer than standard motors.
  • DuraSoft III™ Adjustable Cushioning – Customize your comfort while getting from 26% to 33% less joint impact than road running, with this adjustable cushioning system.
























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