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Livestrong LS10.0E Elliptical $599 (tax included)


    Enjoy a low-impact workout while diversifying your exercise routine with the Livestrong LS10.0E elliptical trainer. The LS10.0E reduces stress on your legs by mimicking the natural path of your ankle, knee, and hip joints. Because your feet remain on the pedals at all times, there is zero impact, making the trainer a great option for people with sensitive joints, folks who are rehabbing after knee injuries, or even newcomers starting a fitness program for the first time. An elliptical also offers a full-body workout that includes resistance for the quadriceps, chest, back, hamstrings, glutes, triceps, and biceps. As a result, you’ll tone your muscles while keeping your metabolic heart rate up, helping you burn calories long after your workout is finished.

    It takes a heavy flywheel to produce a smooth performance. The LS10.0E more than qualifies, with a 30-pound flywheel that produces a smooth, fluid motion designed to withstand years of use. The trainer also offers a long 20-inch stride length and unique MaxTone pedals. Paired with a flat ellipse shape, the stride length encourages a natural walking and running motion for users of all heights. The MaxTone pedals, meanwhile, incorporate the science of balance training to keep your feet aligned. Your foot will flow through the motion just as it does when walking on sand–your heel contacts first, then rolls up to the toes for push off. This eliminates the “tingling foot” sensation found on other ellipticals and initiates core activation. Even the frame itself is designed to create a natural feel. Derived from extensive biomechanics research, the SixStar-certified frame focuses on all areas that impact the feel and comfort of an elliptical, including body positioning, handlebar spacing, elliptical footpath, pedal placement, elliptical access, and the trainer’s drive mechanism.


The LS10.0E includes 12 different workout programs to keep you fit, including Manual, Weight Loss, Muscle Toner, Strength Builder, Constant Watts, Mellow Johnny’s Trail, Lance’s Climb, Lance’s Descent, Max Cardio, the Tour, Custom, and downloadable Livestrong.com programs. The trainer is also equipped with a Power Incline function. With the touch of a button, you can take your workout to the next level with 20 different incline levels. And it’s easy to monitor your workout progress thanks to the built-in console, which includes a backlit LCD display and two LED feedback windows that track your time, resistance, incline, distance, speed, and more.



Research shows that people who journal their fitness routines achieve greater success on average than those who do not. Exclusive to Livestrong Fitness, Livetrack Interactive technology allows you to do just that. Each time you work out, simply insert the USB device that comes with your treadmill into the console. When you’re finished, transfer the USB to your computer. Within seconds, you’ll be able to track your workout history on the Daily Plate feature of Livestrong.com. In addition, you can enter your meals and snacks on the daily food journal–with more than 800,000 items from which to choose–and get instant feedback on your calories consumed and calories burned. Plus, Livetrack Interactive users can download exclusive free workout programs designed by Peter Park, Lance Armstrong’s personal strength and conditioning coach.



  • Flywheel weight: 30 pounds
  • Incline type: Power Incline
  • Incline range: 0 to 100 percent in 5-percent increments
  • Stride length: 20 inches
  • Resistance range: 1 to 20
  • Pedal spacing: 0mm
  • Step-on height: 10 inches
  • Pedal cushioning: MaxTone arch pedal
  • Console display: Backlit LCD and 2 LED feedback windows
  • Programs: 12
  • Workouts: Manual, Weight Loss, Muscle Toner, Strength Builder, Constant Watts, Mellow Johnny’s Trail, Lance’s Climb, Lance’s Descent, Max Cardio, the Tour, Custom, and Livestrong.com
  • Workout tracking: Livetrack Interactive
  • Quick resistance keys: Yes
  • Quick incline keys: Yes
  • Speed/incline handlebar toggles: Yes
  • Built-in speakers: Yes
  • Personal fan: CoolFit fitness fan
  • Heart rate: Contact grips
  • Capacity: 350 pounds
  • Dimensions: 29 by 68 by 76 inches (W x H x D)
  • Weight: 214 pounds
  • Warranties: 90 Day
  • Frame type: SixStar certified

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