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Diamondback 1100ES Stepper $299 (tax included)



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The development of the state-of-the-art self-generating induction magnetic system makes the 1100ES one of the quietest and smoothest steppers on the market today.


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  1. Hand-Pulse Heart Rate Control System
  2. Chest Transmitter
  3. Heart Rate Control System
  4. Self-Generating Induction Magnetic System
  5. 9 pre-set exercise programs
  6. Fitness Test Heart Rate Training
  7. METS program
  8. One tough programming and fitness testing
  9. Self-leveling, oversized foot pads for secure footing
  10. Sure-grip side handrails for better support
  11. Anti-slip pads for safer entry and exit of stepper
  12. Water bottle with integrated cage
  13. Transport wheels for easy movement
  14. Built in reading rack and radio/cassette holder



Display and Console:

  1. Time
  2. Total floors
  3. Floors per minute
  4. Steps per minute
  5. Heart rate METS Intensity level
  6. Calories
  7. Watts
  8. Fitness test score
  9. Pause Mode with 5 minute program saver
  10. 128 Segment dot matrix profile display
  11. Target heart rate graphic display
  12. Two numeric window displays offering metric or imperial readouts     


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