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EPIC A35T Treadmill $699 (tax included)


SOLD   Ideal for runners, the EPIC A35T Treadmill combines durability and cutting-edge technology with a 3.5 continuous horsepower (CHP) motor to support your most intense workouts. Enjoy 40 pre-set workouts and Google technology with Google satellite, street and map view (powered by Google Maps) to simulate a real-life ride. […]

Nordictrack T 5.7 Treadmill $399 (tax included)


SOLD     The Nordic Treadmill- Programmed Fitness to Suit Your Workout Style. The Nordic Track T 5.7 Treadmill offers 20 pre programmed routines to build fitness, and has manual control for when you just want to walk-or run. To take a step up though, this treadmill is iFit compatible. You […]

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