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BowFlex Treadclimber TC3000 $649 + tax


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Whether you’re just starting to get in shape or are a seasoned athlete, Bowflex’s Treadclimber TC3000 Cardio Machine is a home fitness machine that offers an array of electronics and features to push your workout to the next level. Similar in function to a treadmill, this low-impact machine is engineered to burn fat without pounding your joints. It has unique dual treadles (rather than a single belt area surface) that rise up to cushion each step. This design eliminates the jarring impact of hard, flat surfaces and reduces the joint and muscle strain that can be part of other workout machines.

It has twelve intensity settings to tailor your workout specifically to your fitness and comfort level while six electronic functions allow you to track your speed, time, distance, calories burned, calories per minute, and total steps taken during your workout. Five LCD readout windows allow you to see all vital workout stats easily. Large footboards alongside the tread belts make starting or stopping exercise safe and easy. The speed of the TC3000 adjusts from 0.7 to 4.0 miles per hour for a casual stroll to serious power walking.




  • Maximum speed: 0.7-4.0 miles per hour/1.1-6.4 kilometers per hour
  • Resistance range: 0-12 levels
  • Electronic functions: speed, distance, time, calories per minute, total calories, and total steps
  • Computer indicator shows calories per minute and total calories burned
  • Ergonomic console provides easy accessibility to water bottles and magazines
  • Dimensions: 46 inches long by 28.5 inches wide by 55.25 inches tall (117 by 72 by 140 centimeters)
  • Assembled weight: 185 pounds/84 kilograms
  • Maximum user capacity: 300 pounds/136 kilograms



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